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the four main types of data analysis and what they do

Types of Data Analysis, Benefits & Examples

In today’s data-rich world, understanding how to analyze and extract the value of your business’s insights is one of the leading drivers of success.   A widely-quoted figure from a Forrester Research paper says that, on average, companies analyze only 12% of their available data. You guessed it, that means that the other 88% of their data goes to waste. Reasons for this […]

How to Align Sales and Marketing: A Guide to Smarketing

How to Align Sales and Marketing: A Guide to Smarketing

Historically speaking, the sales and marketing departments have always been two units within any company that need to work in the closest possible proximity. It’s like two separate machines that have shared gears – to perform to the best of their ability, they need to turn those gears synchronically and always stay aligned. Successful businesses […]

What Type of Leader Are You? Take the Quiz

What Type of Leader Are You? Take the Quiz

No organization or business can thrive without the team members who execute their leadership skills every day. The people who motivate, guide, create, and build their teams are invaluable to any industry, bringing forth fortitude and inspiration in a variety of situations. But what does it truly mean to be a leader? In this article, […]

project management goals

10 Project Management Goals to Improve Performance

Ask any project manager and they’ll tell you that there’s nothing quite like the excitement you feel when you hit your project goal. Project management goals and objectives are key for any business success as they outline priorities and expectations.  But are goals and objectives in project management the same thing and how can you write and set smart goals for your projects?   […]