Slingshot Expert Demo: Let’s Graduate to Greatness

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Congratulations – you are well on your way to becoming a Slingshot expert! Take this opportunity to explore Slingshot’s secrets on a proficient level. I will take you on a deep dive into all the high-level functionalities that are set to take your collaboration to the next level. Examine how all is connected and get to know the data-driven options that make all the difference. 

Join us on November 3rd at 11 AM EST for the expert demo that will cover:

  • How To Master Advanced Task Filtering and Task Aggregation
  • The Secrets of Dashboard Linking & Blending Data
  • Setting up a workspace cloud storage provider – the easy way

The time to be a Slingshot expert is now! 

About the Presenters

Casey McGuigan With a background in mathematics and an MBA, Casey brings a wealth of experience as well as a data analytics and business perspective to Infragistics. Casey is the Product Manager for Slingshot and was instrumental in product development, market analysis and the product's go-to-market strategy. She’s been at Infragistics since 2013 and when she’s not in the office, she enjoys playing soccer and attending concerts.

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Sorry, but this Group Demo Session is no longer accepting registrations. Please check back soon for the next schedule session.

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