Combo Charts

    This type of chart combines two or more chart types in one single chart.

    Regular charts usually have one X-axis and one Y-axis. Combo charts can have two Y-axis, allowing you to display two different types of data points in the same chart.

    Combo chart sample within Analytics

    E.g., as shown above, a combo chart can display countries' total population as well as the young population to show the relationship between them.

    Selecting the Combo Chart visualization in Analytics

    After selecting your data source and the Combo visualization, by default you start with a column chart and a line chart combined. As shown in the first image, you need to configure the label and values for both charts.

    Settings for Combo Charts

    Combo Charts configuration settings in Analytics

    In Settings you can:

    • Change the visualization type for one or both charts.

      You can choose between seven available types (Column, Stacked Column, Area, Line, Step Area, Step Line, and Spline Area).

    • Choose between Linear scale or Logarithmic.

      With Logarithmic, the scale for your values will be calculated with a non-linear scale which takes magnitude into account instead of the usual linear scale.

    • Setup the minimum and maximum values for your charts.

      Minimum is set to 0 by default and maximum is calculated automatically depending on your values.

    • Choose to share the left axis for both charts.

      A left and right axis are used by default.

    • Switch the chart on top.

      Analytics applies opacity to the chart displayed behind, to make it visually more transparent.