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Employee Onboarding – HR

Optimize Your Employee Onboarding To Get New Team Members Started Quicker

Bring all the assets your team needs access to in one place – for current and new employees alike. Keep track of the status throughout the whole onboarding process and understand the metrics behind your hiring lifecycle.

Slingshot Solutions for HR

Key Slingshot features to help with your Employee Onboarding

Provide Easy Access To Onboarding Materials

Create one place where new employees can access new hire packets, review policies, complete training and learning plans, and view key internal company web pages. Keep these items that all new hires need at your organization content boards so everyone always has access.

Employeee onboarding materials in one place, using Slingshot

Fast Track New Employee Performance

Have a clear path to success for your new hires so high priority items get completed first. Set longer term plans by providing managers and new hires with a 30-60-90 check-in process. Keep all those necessary tasks and documents for the designated plan in one place and effectively get users moving quickly.

Employee performance tracking, using Slingshot

Track the Performance of Your Hiring Funnel

Track the key performance metrics of your hiring lifecycle such as the number of open positions, the days it takes to hire and what sources you are investing in give you the highest ROI. Go from looking at data to having discussions with your teams of new initiatives and processes to kick off and take action right there.

New hires dashboard showing key performance metrics, using Slingshot

Easy Cross-Department Collaboration

Have discussions with other hiring managers to understand what onboarding materials are needed for different departments and roles. Take action right on those discussions and create tasks for you and your team to ensure those assets are created.

Discussions with other departments, creating a task from the discussion, using Slingshot

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