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Bring Google Into Slingshot

Slingshot was built on top of Google Workspace, making it the perfect tool to integrate right into your existing tech stack.

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Slingshot working with Google Workspace

Organizational Collaboration Under the Same Roof

One place for collaboration for your entire organization. Everyone gets automatically added after logging into your company domain Google account.

Slingshot featuring organizations with your Google account.

Auto-Sync Contacts

Collaborate with your teammates faster and more efficiently than ever before! Slingshot lets you auto-sync contacts from your Google account making it easier to chat, assign tasks and invite people into projects. Forget about email hunting for good!

Slingshot featuring syncing Google contacts automatically.

Using G Workspace in Slingshot

Connect your content from Google Drive with just a few clicks and have it at your fingertips anywhere and at any time.

Pin anything from your Google Drive directly into Slingshot’s content boards, tasks, and chat in a matter of seconds! Make sure that you and your team are always working on the current, live version of your documents.

Save time and steps to get into the dashboard creation process in just two clicks! Start being more productive, data-driven, and efficient in your work.

Integrated productivity flows take Slingshot to the next level. Create tasks right from a pinned Google file, start team and project-wide discussions from a file, or even create a private or group chat!
Slingshot featuring pinning google content easily to board
Slingshot featuring Google Sheets file to a dashboard in two clicks
Slingshot featuring drag and drop Google content to a chat

Connecting to Your Tech Stack

Your Office assets are not limited to Google Drive. You can also take your data to the next level by connecting directly into Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google BigQuery and GoogleML to create dashboards and take advantage of going from insight to action inside Slingshot.

Google Machine Learning logo
Google Ads logo
Google Analytics logo
Google BigQuery logo

Bring Your Own Security!

Since Slingshot sits on top of Google, you inherit all the modern, advanced security control that you are used to! You can even set file permissions within Slingshot so that you are always in control of your data.

Slingshot featuring security and file permissions on content.

Enhance Collaboration With Slingshot & Google

Inspire success with the most powerful team-enhancing software.

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