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How to Write Effective OKRs & OKR Examples by Role 

Some of the most common questions that people ask in relation to OKRs are: Are OKRs effective? Are KPIs useful? Do OKRs really work? Should I use OKRs? Our short answer is yes. Objectives and key results, or OKRs, have become one of the most popular and widely used business performance frameworks for organizations and […]

content marketing kpis to track to measure performance

Content Marketing KPIs You Should Track in 2022

Companies are spending as much as one-third of their marketing budgets on producing and distributing content. According to Demand Metric, content marketing costs 62% less than other forms of marketing and generates 3 times more leads for every dollar spent.   This is all amazing, but you have to measure the performance of your content marketing […]

Defining your North Star Metric

Defining Your North Star Metric: A Highway to Growth

If you’re still wondering what drives business results forward like nothing else – it’s data. Businesses and teams have long ago learned the benefits of choosing insight, not impulse, to craft the way forward for growth hacking their product development, and retain customers long-term with a minimal budget. But in every such strategy, the North […]

how to implement product-led growth - slingsot

Product-Led Growth: Build Your Winning Strategy

Any product company’s goal is to create that perfect flow in their sales cycle – making sure customers trust them, choose their product, and stick with it. So, what is the key to achieving all of that and getting meaningful outcomes? Enter product-led growth. The trend is drawing more and more companies to efficiently grow […]

growth hacking tools

Top 20 Growth Hacking Tools to Use in 2022

Growing a business and creating a marketing strategy that brings the results you aim for is what every startup dreams of. And striving to achieve it often includes a lot of different methods and approaches, until a business hits the “sweet spot” of competitive advantage. One approach that is turning out to be of great […]

kpis vs okrs

KPIs & OKRs: What’s the Difference?

For any business, it’s important to understand and keep track of your progress; to understand what works and what doesn’t. But with so many performance metrics to track, it’s often challenging to choose which are the ones that you should focus on. Which ones suit your business better and could actually drive changes to make […]