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What is Micromanagement and How to Deal with it?

Nothing is more demotivating than having a micromanaging boss to control every step of your daily workflow. A survey on micromanagement conducted by Trinity Solutions and published in author Harry Chambers’ book My Way or the Highway showed that 79% of respondents had experienced micromanagement. Approximately 69% said they considered changing jobs because of micromanagement and another 36% actually changed jobs. 71% […]

marketing kpis

Top 35 Marketing KPIs That You Should be Tracking in 2021

Knowing what to measure to evaluate the performance of your marketing efforts is essential to ensuring that your marketing campaigns achieve their goals. Creating a powerful marketing strategy and setting up influential and effective marketing campaigns is the key to driving more revenue and overall business growth.   But with so many marketing KPIs that could be tracked, how can you choose which are […]

remote agile teams

5 Tips for How to Manage Your Tasks in Slingshot

As you might have realized – managing your day-to-day work is not easy. Scope creep is a real thing, everything feels like a priority and before you know it, the whole team is struggling to keep up. There are moments where it seems there simply aren’t enough hours in the day! As a result, deadlines are missed, things fall […]

python data visualization

Python Data Visualization for Beginners

Data visualization plays a significant role in analyzing data and making data clearer and easier to understand by everyone. The visual representation of information with data visualization tools like Python help identify trends, patterns, and correlations that you might have otherwise never discovered, or as the American computer scientist Ben Schneiderman says ‘’Visualizations give you answers to questions you didn’t […]

Data-Driven Marketing Teams: The Nature of Triumph

Data-Driven Marketing Teams: The Nature of Triumph

When it comes to marketing, you better believe there is diversity beyond imagination. It comes from the simple fact that every business is different and therefore, the marketing team standing behind those decisions must be flexible in supporting the specific needs. But how can a marketing team always be sure it is following the right […]

Slingshot data visualization

How to Choose the Best Chart for Your Data

The amount of data at our fingers tips today can be overwhelming. How do you know what really matters? Data visualizations can help, but how can you set up your data to best visualize it? What chart will help you analyze and digest the data into actionable insights? One struggle is that there are so […]

Slingshot illustration representing data driven roadmap

Data-Driven Decision Making: The Roadmap to Success

Human intuition is often the romanticized method for making “the right” decisions in modern society and work. However, getting in the habit of basing a choice on a gut feeling alone can rob an organization of realizing its full potential. It can also lead to losing a huge part of its empowerment and success in the long run.   What […]

Slingshot project managment

What is Project Management Software?

Any business of any kind faces the challenge of managing numerous projects, plans, tasks, and people. It is not an easy job to do. However, having a solution that can help you keep everything organized while handling various projects is something that you won’t want to miss. A project management software improves planning, scheduling, team collaboration, budget management, and […]

self-service BI definition and examples

What is Self-Service BI & What Are Its Benefits?

The amount of data that today’s businesses collect is constantly growing and growing. As a result, the need for decision-makers to easily transform raw data into actionable insights is growing respectively.  But as it continuously evolving over time, more and more people within your organization need access to data, so they can be productive and effective at what they […]