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Revamp the Way You Communicate

Tired of collaborating on multiple communication channels? We created Slingshot so you can bring everything into a single application where communication is seamless, transparent and in-context.

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Slingshot featuring team collaboration to increase productivity

Chat Features

The amazing features and fields waiting for you in the chat tab in Slingshot:

Threaded discussions

Threaded Discussions

Bring everyone together for collaboration by having a transparent conversation at all levels.



Break work discussions into topics so information is always easy to find.

at mention

@ Mention

Mention people, teams and projects to grab users’ attention when you need it quick.



Collaborate 1 on 1, or with a group of people directly into Slingshot’s chat.

Pin chat

Pin Chat

Pin your chat window open so that conversations are always visible no matter what you are working on.



Follow discussions happening or mention teammates you want to follow up with so everyone can stay up to date with what’s going on.

Collaboration at Every Level

Make the most of your project management process with workspace and project discussions, as well as 1 on 1 private chats that meet all your team’s needs and integrated productivity flows.

Slingshot featuring in task collaboration and threaded discussions

Taking Collaboration to the Next Level

It’s More Than Just a Chat

Turn ideas and initiatives into tasks directly from within your different communication points.

Slingshot showing chat conversation to task creation

Chats Made Faster

Create chats and discussions right from tasks, dashboards and content to easily move right into collaborating with your team members with 1 click!

Slingshot showing dashboard to starting a private chat

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