Who we are

Slingshot is the app specifically designed to revolutionize and expand team productivity through data-driven features. There is no better way to enable teams to organize more efficiently, reach their full potential, and exceed goals and expectations.

Why? Only with Slingshot can you combine the benefits of data analytics, project and content management, chat, and goals-based strategy benchmarking – all in one. Turning good teams into great ones has never been easier. Or more intuitive, because Slingshot is here to respond to every modern team’s need to unlock greatness through data insights, eradicate chaos and create calm.

As part of Infragistics, an organization with 30 years as a developer tools company under its belt, Slingshot brings a decades-long user experience together with an innovative collaboration solution. Through data-driven decision-making and smart workflow efficiency, Slingshot is what your team deserves to reach its full potential.

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