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The All-in-One Digital Workplace Boosting Team Results

Only Slingshot truly aggregates data analytics, project and information management, chat, and goals-based strategy benchmarking – all in one, intuitive app.


Empower Higher Performing Teams With Slingshot

Create calm and efficiency across teams, departments, and external clients by making it easier to find and access information.

Leverage actionable insights by making it easier for your team to utilize data to improve productivity.

Achieve better results when everyone is focused and engaged on the same objectives and strategies.

Design a culture of ownership and responsibility with better workflow transparency.

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One App, Unlimited Possibilities

More and more organizations are turning to Slingshot to accelerate their workplace capabilities, ensure project success and provide revolutionary software solution to unleash the power of their teams.

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Boost Team Results with Ready-to-Use Templates

Explore our collection of ready-to-use templates, carefully crafted to cater to the needs of multiple use cases and departments. Save time and effort by trying out the template that suits your workflow best. It only takes a few clicks to get started.

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What People are Saying About Slingshot


The Leadership Wake-Up Call That Inspired A Digital Workplace

“Imagine if Asana, Slack, Tableau and maybe your cloud file storage were combined into a single platform. This is Slingshot–a place for in-person and remote teams to collaborate, use data visualizations to understand performance, set goals, share content, and communicate within the context of the projects they are working on.”

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“Now we visualize key data points in clear, beautiful charts and dashboards that I create in less than 30 minutes.”
Travis Rotondo
@ MLB Residential Lending LLC
Sensato, Cyber Security Solutions
“Slingshot helps us improve accountability on our team. It allows us to make clear agreements on what and when tasks need to get done. And I love how we can have chat within a task. Slingshot empowers my client teams and keeps us informed and focused.”
John Gomez
@ Sensato, Cyber Security Solutions
Stephen Gould
“Using Slingshot on my phone gives me instant access to our sales metrics and allows me to use that data in chat with my team. There’s simply no better way to motivate your team than with good data.”
Aaron Salko
@ Stephen Gould
Stephen Gould
“I was going to too many places to complete tasks, using too many apps, trying to dig up conversations from email or messages— interrupting my workflow and wasting time.”
Kelly Johnson
@ Stephen Gould
PTS Data Center Solutions, Inc.
“I really like how Slingshot works with Microsoft Office 365. I get the best of Microsoft and the easy-to-use data analytics, information management and team organization of Slingshot.”
Peter Sacco
@ PTS Data Center Solutions, Inc.
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Integrate With Your Existing Tools in Just a Few Clicks

Slingshot connects to your essential business tools making it your project control center. It’s simple and easy to integrate workflows from Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Google Analytics and many more…seamlessly with Slingshot.

Connect your essential business tools to Slingshot

“Slingshot lets our teams visually see and enter data in real-time, allowing for faster hand-offs. And we have the data to easily track programs and increase the accountability of everyone.”

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First-Class Security

Slingshot prioritizes and protects your privacy and data with single sign-on, robust two-factor authentication, and strict adherence to compliance regulations. Trust Slingshot to keep your work secure.

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Trust Slingshot to keep your work secure

Frequently Asked Questions

Slingshot is a digital workplace that connects everyone you work with to data, organizes projects, tasks, content, and chat to unleash the power of your team.

Is it too biased to say them all!? We are very proud of our project management, data analytics, file management, and chat features. Slingshot’s robust project management features work harmoniously with the rest of your digital assets helping you organize tasks, improve team alignment and trust. The data analytics feature of Slingshot brings the power of a fully integrated BI machine into your workflow. It lets your team create and share data visualizations and dashboards, leverage actionable insights, and achieve better results. The simple, smart, and intuitive file management helps you save time hunting for information to find the key files and documents that you need. And our real-time and in-context chat improves your organization’s overall communication, so everyone can remain on track.

Every organization, team, or group of people that needs to organize their projects, processes, and tasks, make informed, smart, and data-driven decisions, and improve overall work productivity. It is a great tool for remote teams to collaborate and stay focused.

Slingshot is the only team collaboration tool that integrates data analytics, project and file management, chat, goals, and long-term strategy all within one digital workplace.

Slingshot is designed to support cross-organization, cross-department, and even cross-team collaboration. With 1 click, you can invite anyone outside of your organization domain to collaborate with your team.

Yes, absolutely! Slingshot helps distributed teams stay focused and in sync, it strengthens team relationships, saves time, improves organization, and increases speed and efficiency.

Yes, you can. Slingshot connects seamlessly to Marketo, Hubspot, Google Analytics, and more allowing you to gain quick insights into campaign timing, spot key blockers, and clear paths to success, all from the same app. You can also instantly take action on your insights by creating discussions and tasks right from the annotated dashboard.

Slingshot helps organizations create a transparent work environment where everything is visible to everyone (including the status of who is doing what, key deliverable dates, and team goals and metrics).

With robust productivity flows out of the box, Slingshot is designed to work seamlessly to enable continuous collaboration workflow. By keeping everyone in the know, Slingshot simplifies collaboration by incorporating modern project and team file management, chat, and data analytics all within one app.

You can seamlessly integrate directly to Google Drive, Google Analytics, Google Ads, GoogleML, and Google BigQuery.

You can integrate directly to OneDrive, SharePoint, Azure ML, Microsoft Analysis Services, Azure Analysis Services, Azure SQL database, Azure Synapse Analytics, Dynamics CRM, Reporting Services, OData Feed, REST API, and SQL.

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