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Marketing – Campaign Launch

Keep All Elements of Your Next Campaign on Track and Don’t Miss Your Next Milestone

No matter the campaign every team needs a clear path to success to be productive. With so many moving pieces it can be easy to overlook elements – unless you are using Slingshot to manage your next campaign!
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Slingshot Solutions for Marketing

Key Slingshot features to help with your Campaign Launch

Insights Without Micromanaging

With team and product overview you can gain quick insights into campaign timing, spot key blockers and clear paths to success without the need to dig through the details. Make sure key documents like goal metrics, project briefs and positioning docs are at the forefront.

Overview details that show campaign timing and blockers to stay on track, using Slingshot

Make Data Driven Decisions

Connect right to Marketo, Hubspot, Google Analytics and more to review previous campaign wins and improve KPIs with each campaign. Take action on your insights in seconds with the ability to create discussions and tasks right from annotated dashboards.

Timeline showing tasks, dependencies, due dates and start dates within Slingshot.

Go From Campaign Brief to Timeline in Seconds

Make it easy to go from a campaign brief right into a full campaign schedule with tasks, dependencies, due dates, start dates are more. Visualize these timelines and hold clear accountability for each member of your team.

Leverage Slingshot to optimize team performance by moving from campaign breif to full schedule.

Maintain a Central Place of Truth

Eliminate the time you usually spend hunting and pecking for content and info and create a central place of truth. Campaigns involve briefs, design, content docs, metrics all with constant collaboration. Keep everything in one place for easy access.

Content docs and metrics in one central location, within Slingshot. Chat communication to stay connected.

Frequently Asked Questions

A marketing campaign is a series of advertisement messages that share the same business goal or objective. A marketing campaign could be used to promote a product, a service, or the brand as a whole and it does that through different types of media (online platforms, print, radio, etc.).

When planning a marketing campaign, make sure you have set clear goals, a strategy in place, enough details, and a way to track progress.

A successful marketing campaign is a campaign that delivered the right message at the right time to the right audience in order to reach its goal.

When launching a campaign, make sure that all your emails, assets, and websites have been tested prior to turning on any spend or send emails out.

Slingshot is the only productivity tool that streamlines all the moving parts of your marketing machine and brings together all the insights and tools that your team needs. With a robust data analytics feature, you can turn analysis into action in seconds by creating discussions and tasks right from the annotated dashboard.

We integrate directly with Marketo, Hubspot, Google Analytics, and other leading analytics tools to assess past wins and grow KPIs with each campaign.

Yes, in Slingshot, you can go from collaborating with team members on new campaigns to kicking off a new campaign project with ease.

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