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Establishing a Data-Driven Culture: Where to Start

For any organization wanting to stay relevant in the ever-changing and rapidly growing data world, creating a data-driven culture for your organization is a must. Relying on data today is a necessary strategy – but according to a study by NewVantage Partners, the data-driven culture itself proves to be a harder mission for most companies. In […]

Overcoming Organizational Chaos

Overcoming Organizational Chaos

Why Is Organizational Chaos So Rampant? As businesses react to fast-moving changes— market upheavals, multiple channels serving customers, and rapid technology adoption—teams struggle to keep up with demands. People are required to interact with technology more than ever before in their daily work. And the sheer amount of information available has more than quadrupled in the last 10 […]

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How To Build Successful Teams That Produce Extraordinary Results

Agile Teams Replace Micromanaging With Efficiency Building successful teams is a key challenge for many organizations, despite the ever-increasing access to information and technology. The Harvard Business Review estimates that “75% of cross-functional teams are dysfunctional,” noting the inability to meet a series of key “success” criteria consistently, such as meeting a planned budget, staying […]

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