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Task features

The amazing features and fields waiting for you in the Task tab in Slingshot!



Organize your tasks within different lists to have clear levels of hierarchy instead of an overwhelming single view of all tasks.



Keep it organized – group tasks into sections that can also be used as custom labels to drag and drop tasks.



Make work more comprehensible by easily breaking down your teams’ work into pieces.



Create child tasks to have clearly defined roles and responsibilities, and steps to complete every task at hand.



Give ownership to tasks for clear accountability. Need to assign multiple people? Not a problem, we support that too!



Set tasks’ priority and help your team prioritize their work so everyone is clear on team goals and objectives.



Maintain team accountability by setting task dependencies, map paths to success and identify blockers before your project is at risk.



Attach files and documents to share with the team, and even attach dashboards to enhance a data-driven culture.



Stay up to date with everything going on around your projects and tasks.

Thread Discussions

Thread discussions

Never miss a beat and boost collaboration with in-context chat at the task level.

Easily manage tasks in different views

Make the most of your project management process with different views of your tasks that meet all your needs and integrated productivity flows.

A grid view where you can make changes with a single click, reorder and add tasks where needed.

Visually see how all the tasks and dependencies of your project are stacking up and make quick adjustments on the fly.

View tasks within swim lanes by status, assignee, section and even priority.
Slingshot featuring list view of tasks
Slingshot featuring timeline view of tasks
Slingshot featuring kanban view of tasks

Taking project management to the next level

Go beyond tasks

Easily go from tasks to a team or project level discussions and chats. Attach content from existing boards, dashboards and documents from your cloud provider with 1 click!

Slingshot featuring tasks to team discussion

Tasks made faster

Create tasks in-context, at the point of impact directly from chat messages, analytics and content with those assets automatically added to the task card.

Slingshot featuring pinned content to task

Frequently asked questions

Project management is the process of managing all aspects of a project and leading the work of a team to achieve specific project goals and objectives.

Agile project management is an iterative approach to project management that is frequently used in software development projects. It breaks down large projects into more manageable tasks and uses short development cycles called “sprints”. Agile teams are able to re-evaluate the work that they’re doing and adjust in given increments to deliver a better end product.

Kanban is a project management tool that allows you to get a more visual overview of your tasks. In Slingshot, the Kanban tasks view is divided into five columns – to do, in progress, in review, blocked, and completed.

When it’s done right, project management helps every part of the business run smoothly and efficiently. It ensures that quality and objectives are met on time and on budget, allows your team to focus on what matters the most, and brings calmness into the organizational chaos.

Project management tools are the features provided by project management software to help a team or an individual in getting their work organized and efficient.

Project management software helps project managers break down projects into tasks and milestones and provide everyone within the team with the tools to do their job more efficiently from the very beginning until the end of the project. It brings leadership and direction to projects and lets you instantly see roadblocks and know exactly what is causing delays and identify blockers in your projects before they become a real problem.

Make sure you have start and end dates for your projects, use sub-tasks, pin every important file and document to an overview, and have a dashboard set up to track progress and success.

Every team in an organization can benefit from using Slingshot as a project management tool – marketing, design, web development, accounting and finance, HR.

In Slingshot, you can manage multiple projects with ease – everything is organized, so you’ll never miss a deadline or an important discussion.

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