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Stephen Gould logo on side of office building

How Stephen Gould Scaled Its Capacity by 30% Without Making a Single Hire

When you see a sleek 6-foot-high store display of Xbox 360s or the ubiquitous yellow packaging of Rosetta Stone software, you are most likely looking at a Stephen Gould creation.

Happy couple moving into home

MLB Turns Data Insights into Action with Sales Pipeline Visualizations

MLB Residential Lending serves the lending needs of home buyers, home owners, real estate professionals and builders with 14 branches in the Northeast and an active pipeline of 500 loans.

“Slingshot lets our teams visually see and enter data in real-time, allowing for hand-offs and next steps to occur faster. And with Slingshot’s organization, we have the data necessary to easily track programs and increase the accountability of all who are involved.”

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Stephen Gould logo on side of office building

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