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Executive Team

Achieve Strategic Goals

Drive more effective strategy and results with enhanced data-driven decisions, transparency, process overviews, and team alignment

Slingshot Solutions for Marketing

Manage High-Level Goals

Slingshot’s advanced data analytics, project management, and collaboration tools can help you:

  • Shape your strategic and operational leadership by aligning your team on the company vision and goals.
  • Keep an eye on relevant KPIs through real-time analytics.
  • Produce consistently successful results with excellent collaboration in-context tools.
  • Drive new business and execute your strategic vision with true visibility over your team’s progress – from high-level overviews to detailed project-based timelines for product and service launches.
  • Solve difficult problems with the best insights from each member – enabled by Slingshot workspaces and collaboration in-context.
  • Achieve faster success with effective maintenance and collaboration on strategic plans.
Managing high level goals using chat, data analytics, tasks and OKR notes in Slingshot

Use Data to Drive Efficiency

Align your executive team and their teams around data insights from multiple sources – from key financial targets, sales, marketing spend, and expenses, to profits and cash flow— synthesized into beautiful, interactive dashboards. That means every person on the executive team can more easily use data to support their decisions. That’s right – Every. Executive.

  • Combine Finance, Sales, or Marketing metrics into interactive dashboards, with all the insights that you need to stay informed and on top of your decisions.
  • Track performance, results, and team effort.
  • Transform actionable items from discussions or chats into tasks with a single click.
  • Develop effective, evidence-based solutions at each step of the way.
Slingshot Marketing Channel Performance dashboard with discussion message

Stay Unified and All-in-One

Unlock new levels of transparency and team alignment on corporate strategy. With tasks, visualized data insights, and discussion all in one digital workplace, your executive team can stay united and document the steps to achieve your goals, so your values can be modeled by other teams throughout the organization:

  • Share and store your business goals, action items, meeting agendas, budgets, sales, and action plans and track and discuss OKRs.
  • Store content easily by pinning, dragging, and dropping. It’s possible because Slingshot is integrated with all your favorite cloud providers.
Stay unified and all-in-one using Slingshot pins for content management

Drive Strategic Vision Forward

Executive efficient, high-level management that boosts your team’s performance.

Slingshot lets you…

  • Keep smarter tabs on your departmental objectives and progress, showing project status, ownership, and due dates.
  • Present clear data insights to stakeholders and other planning partners, with easy access to all high-level reports and attractive data visualizations and dashboards.
  • Set your team up to achieve their best results by creating a rhythm of business (RoB) model where your objectives are documented and visualized month by month.
  • Make more strategic and efficient decisions by easily staying aware of progress and potential blockers.
Drive strategic vision forward with Slingshot project management and status

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