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Marketing – Social Media

Successfully Manage All Elements of Your Social Media 

Create and execute your social media strategy successfully with Slingshot – combining all the elements you need to optimize your campaigns. Content management, data visualizations, seamless collaboration between teammates that enable smarter, faster advertising – get all of this and more!
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Slingshot Solutions for Marketing

Key Slingshot features to help with your Social Media

Content & Assets Management

Make sure all creative assets, copy, briefs, and social media content plans are kept in one place with Slingshot. Pin your content and social images from every source or drag-and-drop it directly into a task, project, or workspace. That way everyone has access to the most updated files and can quickly find them in the context of the project without switching apps or sifting through email.

Slingshot Ad Specs and Follow Me Ads boards with pinned links, documents and images.

Data-Driven Decisions

Utilize data and actionable insights from your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram accounts by visualizing key metrics. Gain deeper insights into the full story from your most important sources. Track spend, ad performance, website activity and conversions all in one view – with no app-switching.

Slingshot dashboard with social media results from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

Creative Collaboration in Context

Align your team by mapping out all needed aspects to kick off your campaigns: social images, website content, tailored messaging, and ads. Keep an eye on the progress of it all by viewing your projects in Timeline view and having your discussions and chat in context, giving feedback, brainstorming new ideas and actionable items, and reviewing everything necessary, while always having the most updated files at hand.

Slingshot ad campaign timeline with ad image attachment and in-context feedback.

Boost Productivity

Equip your team with an uninterrupted flow to always keep work extra productive and bring successful results to your social media projects. With Slingshot, everything is in context and synchronized between teammates, no matter where they are in the app. You can pull your most important metrics into dashboards, go into discussion with your team directly there and create tasks from an actionable message with just a few clicks.

Slingshot social media discussion with task creation from message.

Frequently Asked Questions

Social media management is the planning, creation, and execution of a strategy that distributes content across different social media channels. The strategy is usually tailored through analysis and consists of monitoring channels, interacting with online followers, collaboration with partners and influencers, community management, and social media advertising across channels.

For companies who want to expand their reach, grow and develop their brand and customers, social media management creates many opportunities. Through social media channels, brands can popularize their products, engage with customers, get ahead of competitors and find models and patterns that turn to actionable insights, to create leads and raise revenue.

Social media tools are the ones that assist in the creative content planning and execution, the publishing, outreach, and management of the business’ accounts on social media.

Slingshot brings together all elements of your social media flow, from planning and managing your content, team collaboration, and data visualizations for insights that bring more leads and better positioning of the brand.

Slingshot is the perfect tool for companies who want to seamlessly manage their social media in an all-in-one digital workplace, combining all aspects of the successful execution of a winning strategy.

Slingshot is an all-in-one digital workplace that creates calm and efficiency in team collaboration, by bringing together project management, task tracking, content management, chat, and discussions. It’s the central place for keeping all your important data, with strong analytics features helping you create beautiful dashboard visualizations in moments and share and use them easily.

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