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Bring the power of a fully integrated business intelligence machine into your daily workflow. Leverage actionable insight by making it easier for your team to utilize data and improve productivity.

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Advanced analytics features

All of these amazing features are available for you in the analytics tab of Slingshot!

Machine Learning

Machine learning

Utilize Machine Learning models from Azure ML and Google BigQuery to build beautiful dashboards from within your Slingshot context.

Dashboard Linking

Dashboard linking

Take the power of your typical drill down scenarios to a new level with the ability to link visualizations to URLs and multiple dashboards together, pass through filters and gain deeper insights into your data.

Data Blending

Data blending

Bring multiple data sources together into one visualization for deeper, side by side views to make finding insights easier.

Calculated Fields

Calculated fields

Create additional fields not offered out of the box of your data source based on for your visualizations to use that aren’t available out of the box.

A chart for every occasion

No matter the story you are trying to tell, we have a visualization to bring your data to life.

Today’s most commonly used category charts available at your finger tips.

View data in its most natural form with a pivot or flat grid.

Visualize your data with geographically beautiful and easy to use map visualizations

Use gauges to show how your data falls between ranges and bounds

Dive deeper into relationships within your data using bubble and scatter charts

Easily track business and financial metrics like budgets and cashflow over periods of time
Slingshot featuring category chart types
Slingshot featuring grid chart types
Slingshot featuring map chart types
Slingshot featuring gauge chart types
Slingshot featuring scatter chart types
Slingshot featuring scatter chart types

Connect to your data faster

Gain a 360° view of your business! Slingshot is seamlessly integrated with today’s most popular data sources such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, and more.

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Taking data analytics to the next level

Go beyond data analytics

Quickly go from insights on your dashboards to action through task creation or collaboration through chat and discussions in seconds!

Slingshot featuring quick dashboard to task

Create dashboards faster

In 1-click you can go from an existing pinned excel file right into the Slingshot visualization editor to start creating beautiful dashboards.

Slingshot featuring Excel spreadsheet to dashboard

Frequently asked questions

Data analytics is the process of analyzing raw data with the goal of finding useful information and actionable insights.

The data analytics process refers to collecting, processing, cleaning, and analyzing large data sets. It is a complex process that involves a lot of highly technical know-how and/or data analytics tools that provide the technical platform and expertise, and functional and intuitive visualizations presenting the insights.

Data analytics is important for businesses as it helps understand data in a meaningful way which comes with plenty of benefits. It can predict customer trends and behavior, enables faster and better decision-making, increases business productivity, as well as solve problems and prevent the occurrence of such. Data analytics can also help in optimizing and improving the customer experience, streamline operations and support the delivery of more relevant and better products.

Data analytics helps businesses understand their customers better, evaluate their marketing campaigns, personalize content and analyze their competitors. Furthermore, data analytics helps in setting realistic goals, reducing costs, and increasing revenue.

Data analytics tools are tools that help presenting data insights. There is a wide range of tools used in data analytics, but some of the most common ones include charts, diagrams, histograms, maps, etc. Surveys are also considered as data analytics tools as they help collect data about people’s opinions, behavior, or knowledge from targeted groups.

Slingshot brings the power of an integrated BI machine into your daily workflow allowing everyone within your organization to analyze data and create dashboards independently. That improves your team’s decision-making process and provides the opportunity to go from insights into action in a matter of seconds. You can work smarter and better by being able to access key business data wherever you are and at any time.

You can use your trained models’ data from Azure Machine Learning Studio or Big Query Models in Slingshot dashboards. You only need to choose your data source, build a visualization, and use the integration to connect to a trained machine learning model.

Data blending is the process of combining multiple data sources into a single data or functioning data set.

In Slingshot’s dashboards, you can bring in fields from other data sources when creating visualizations – all they need is a common field.

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