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How to Create & Launch a Successful Marketing Campaign

Marketing campaigns are an integral component of every company’s growth and can help businesses achieve a variety of goals such as bringing in new customers and generating more sales. There are several types of marketing campaigns, but you should focus on a campaign that its specific to your business and the goals that you want to achieve with […]

what is data visualization in R

Data Visualization in R: What is it + Examples

Data is everywhere around us and it becomes fundamental that we understand it. Data visualization is a powerful tool that lets us turn raw data into visual representation so that data is easier and faster to understand by the human brain.   Today, there are many online programs, applications and software that allow us to easily […]

content boards in slingshot

Organizing Content Boards in Slingshot

When it comes to organizing content for your different teams – we could be talking just about anything. Content can be the Word document that has your website copy, or the Excel file that is holding the data for this quarters latest launch, or even URLs to key information you need to revisit. That is why […]

How to Simplify Collaboration with Clients: Best Practices

How to Simplify Collaboration with Clients: Best Practices

Internal collaboration is something of a given – your team needs to constantly communicate and trace each other’s footsteps in various projects. External collaboration, however, is also an important part of a company’s need to build a long-lasting relationship with customers and clients. To simplify collaboration with clients, a specific approach is needed – you […]

micromanagement definition, signs and solutions

What is Micromanagement and How to Deal with it?

Nothing is more demotivating than having a micromanaging boss to control every step of your daily workflow. A survey on micromanagement conducted by Trinity Solutions and published in author Harry Chambers’ book My Way or the Highway showed that 79% of respondents had experienced micromanagement. Approximately 69% said they considered changing jobs because of micromanagement and another 36% actually changed jobs. 71% […]

marketing kpis

Top 35 Marketing KPIs That You Should be Tracking in 2021

Knowing what to measure to evaluate the performance of your marketing efforts is essential to ensuring that your marketing campaigns achieve their goals. Creating a powerful marketing strategy and setting up influential and effective marketing campaigns is the key to driving more revenue and overall business growth.   But with so many marketing KPIs that could be tracked, how can you choose which are […]