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Tsvetomira Petrova

Published posts 43 Tsvetomira is a marketing copywriter with a passion for everything digital, advertising, and content marketing for a wide range of topics in the industry. As part of the Infragistics team, her primary focus is Slingshot, so safe to say you can expect her wordsmith skills put to use for any updates, hot scoops on the product and everything around it, and advice for users so they can best optimize their use cases. When she steps away from the keyboard, Tsvet can usually be found hiking, going to concerts, or spending some quality time with the nearest available dog.

The Ultimate Guide to Managing Remote Teams in 2022

The Ultimate Guide to Managing Remote Teams in 2022

Managing remote teams requires a level of adjustment and flexibility that some managers can find exhausting – especially if they are prone to micromanagement tendencies. So, what rules should a remote manager always follow to avoid the undercurrents of these types of work struggles? Truth be told, to successfully lead a team remotely, a manager […]

Defining your North Star Metric

Defining Your North Star Metric: A Highway to Growth

If you’re still wondering what drives business results forward like nothing else – it’s data. Businesses and teams have long ago learned the benefits of choosing insight, not impulse, to craft the way forward for growth hacking their product development, and retain customers long-term with a minimal budget. But in every such strategy, the North […]

how to implement product-led growth - slingsot

Product-Led Growth: Build Your Winning Strategy

Any product company’s goal is to create that perfect flow in their sales cycle – making sure customers trust them, choose their product, and stick with it. So, what is the key to achieving all of that and getting meaningful outcomes? Enter product-led growth. The trend is drawing more and more companies to efficiently grow […]

growth hacking tools

Top 20 Growth Hacking Tools to Use in 2022

Growing a business and creating a marketing strategy that brings the results you aim for is what every startup dreams of. And striving to achieve it often includes a lot of different methods and approaches, until a business hits the “sweet spot” of competitive advantage. One approach that is turning out to be of great […]