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Building a High-Performing Team: Why and How

Building a High-Performing Team: Why and How

No two opinions about it – nothing drives a company forward better and more effectively than a close-knit, well-adjusted, and high-performing team. The team that charges ahead full of energy, collaborates seamlessly and helps a business achieve goals that would have seemed impossible otherwise. So, if a high-performing team is an element that always brings […]

connect and manage your excel and google sheets data in slingshot

Connect & Manage Your Excel and Google Sheets Data in Slingshot

From tracking your budget, your customers’ journeys from start to finish to sort data and calculation, Excel and Google Sheets are two of the most broadly used applications. But when it comes to data analytics these tools are not so powerful. Slingshot makes it easy to work with your Excel and Google Sheet files in many different ways.   Slingshot Google & Microsoft Integration Slingshot was built on top of […]

comparing asana and slingshot

Asana’s Alternative: Comparing the Pros & Cons to Slingshot

Project management software offers many advantages to organizations – from effortless project planning and better team collaboration to increased productivity and remote work simplification, to name a few. But since you’re reading this article, you already know that, and you have come to the time when considering which project management app to choose for your team and business.   There are plenty of […]

all-in-one vs point solution collaboration software

What Is Collaboration Software & Why Your Organization Needs It?

Every business wants to be successful and to make that happen the people working towards that goal need to be effective and efficient in their work. Nowadays, the market is flooded with tools promising to simplify your employees’ work processes and achieve that. But do they really?   According to a Tuesday report from Pegasystems Inc., employees switch between 35 different […]