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Defining your North Star Metric

Defining Your North Star Metric: A Highway to Growth

If you’re still wondering what drives business results forward like nothing else – it’s data. Businesses and teams have long ago learned the benefits of choosing insight, not impulse, to craft the way forward for growth hacking their product development, and retain customers long-term with a minimal budget. But in every such strategy, the North […]

The Top 11 Notion Alternatives You Need to Check Out

The Top 11 Notion Alternatives You Need to Check Out

Every project manager knows that a productive team needs tools for planning and organizing. Most companies opt for tools that provide easy daily syncing, quick access, visibility, and chat, as well as task tracking.  Notion is one of the tools that is often picked for team collaboration, to provide uninterrupted workflow in the daily tasks […]

slack alternatives slingshot

Top 12 Slack Alternatives You Need To Know About

Even if you’re not using Slack, you most certainly have heard of it – it’s one of the most popular communication apps that brings online collaboration to teams everywhere. Slack is a hub for organizing everyday work and instant messaging, replacing endless emails in professional communication. As a chat tool, Slack can improve the daily […]

What Type of Leader Are You? Take the Quiz

What Type of Leader Are You? Take the Quiz

No organization or business can thrive without the team members who execute their leadership skills every day. The people who motivate, guide, create, and build their teams are invaluable to any industry, bringing forth fortitude and inspiration in a variety of situations. But what does it truly mean to be a leader? In this article, […]

11 project management strategies for successful execution

11 Project Management Strategies for Successful Execution

Project management is not rocket science, but it’s quite tough at times. No matter the hard work that project managers and project teams put into their projects, they are not always successful. Sometimes deadlines aren’t met, other times the budget is exceeded, or the end results just did not meet expectations.   It’s daunting and demotivating, we know that. Fortunately, there are […]