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Bilyana Petrova

Published posts 23 Bilyana is a Content Specialist at Slingshot focusing on project management, team collaboration, and data analytics topics. From research to creative writing, she's on a mission to make boring business blogs useful and actionable. When she's not at work, you can hardly find her as she loves discovering new destinations around the world, summiting mountain peaks, and playing with her adorable Siberian Laika.

content marketing kpis to track to measure performance

Content Marketing KPIs You Should Track in 2022

Companies are spending as much as one-third of their marketing budgets on producing and distributing content. According to Demand Metric, content marketing costs 62% less than other forms of marketing and generates 3 times more leads for every dollar spent.   This is all amazing, but you have to measure the performance of your content marketing […]

kpis vs okrs

KPIs & OKRs: What’s the Difference?

For any business, it’s important to understand and keep track of your progress; to understand what works and what doesn’t. But with so many performance metrics to track, it’s often challenging to choose which are the ones that you should focus on. Which ones suit your business better and could actually drive changes to make […]

what is predictive analytics definition and examples

What Is Predictive Analytics And Why It Matters?

In the business world, analytics help organizations optimize their internal and external processes, expand, and ultimately increase their profitability. Some types of data analytics focus on helping users understand what and why things have happened, while other types of data analytics focus on providing insights into what could happen in the future. This is the concept of predictive analytics, a data analytics tool […]

what is a data catalog and why its important

What Is a Data Catalog & Why Do You Need One?

With the advancements in the world of data, data catalogs are quickly becoming a core component of modern data management. Organizations that are already leveraging data catalogs see a significant change in the speed and quality of data access and data-driven decisions. Contrary, organizations without a data catalog who have heard of the wonders it […]

the four main types of data analysis and what they do

Types of Data Analysis, Benefits & Examples

In today’s data-rich world, understanding how to analyze and extract the value of your business’s insights is one of the leading drivers of success.   A widely-quoted figure from a Forrester Research paper says that, on average, companies analyze only 12% of their available data. You guessed it, that means that the other 88% of their data goes to waste. Reasons for this […]

project management goals

10 Project Management Goals to Improve Performance

Ask any project manager and they’ll tell you that there’s nothing quite like the excitement you feel when you hit your project goal. Project management goals and objectives are key for any business success as they outline priorities and expectations.  But are goals and objectives in project management the same thing and how can you write and set smart goals for your projects?   […]

11 project management strategies for successful execution

11 Project Management Strategies for Successful Execution

Project management is not rocket science, but it’s quite tough at times. No matter the hard work that project managers and project teams put into their projects, they are not always successful. Sometimes deadlines aren’t met, other times the budget is exceeded, or the end results just did not meet expectations.   It’s daunting and demotivating, we know that. Fortunately, there are […]

slingshot for personal use

How to Use Slingshot for Personal Use

While Slingshot enables teams and organizations to achieve better results with an all-in-one solution – it does not stop there. It also helps you, as an individual, improve your productivity both in your work life and outside.   Every day a task of lists awaits us not to mention the tasks that come up sporadically. Thoughts of doctors’ […]

comparing asana and slingshot

Asana’s Alternative: Comparing the Pros & Cons to Slingshot

Project management software offers many advantages to organizations – from effortless project planning and better team collaboration to increased productivity and remote work simplification, to name a few. But since you’re reading this article, you already know that, and you have come to the time when considering which project management app to choose for your team and business.   There are plenty of […]