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The Ultimate Guide to Data Visualization: Time to Get Good

Data and information streams are worth everything these days. Companies have long ago found out that using data to make important decisions just means being smarter about their overall strategy. Yet, data is nothing without data analysis, and one of the most popular ways to do it is through data visualization. This method for interpreting […]

Building a High-Performing Team: Why and How

Building a High-Performing Team: Why and How

No two opinions about it – nothing drives a company forward better and more effectively than a close-knit, well-adjusted, and high-performing team. The team that charges ahead full of energy, collaborates seamlessly and helps a business achieve goals that would have seemed impossible otherwise. So, if a high-performing team is an element that always brings […]

Digital Workplaces: Transforming the Way Teams Work

Digital Workplaces: Transforming the Way Teams Work

We’ve already seen the seemingly endless transformation that the business world has been going through in the last years. The digital transformation has exceeded all expectations in its acceleration, bringing forth the force of remote teams, distributed teams and never-before-seen flexibility in the way organizations operate. What we know for sure by now is that the workplace of […]

connect and utilize your hubspot data in slingshot

How to Connect & Utilize HubSpot Data in Slingshot

HubSpot is a universal platform that has all the tools and integrations your marketing, sales, and customer service teams need to grow your business. Focusing on the marketing piece, HubSpot gives your team the tools they need to attract the right audience, convert more leads into customers, and automates your marketing campaigns.   These are all fantastic features that every marketing team can greatly benefit from.   But when it comes […]

slingshot for personal use

How to Use Slingshot for Personal Use

While Slingshot enables teams and organizations to achieve better results with an all-in-one solution – it does not stop there. It also helps you, as an individual, improve your productivity both in your work life and outside.   Every day a task of lists awaits us not to mention the tasks that come up sporadically. Thoughts of doctors’ […]

Creating a Perfect Project Roadmap and How to Use It

Creating a Perfect Project Roadmap and How to Use It

Every project manager knows the two most important pillars when it comes to running a successful project. . One, to keep key stakeholders up to date in project status by communicating strategic objectives. Two, to ensure the team is clear on each step of the project’s journey including ownership, expectations, and deadlines.Both sides need to […]