Creating an Image Chart

    In this tutorial, you will learn how to create an Image visualization using a sample spreadsheet.


    Key Concepts

    As mentioned in the Data Visualization section, the Image Chart displays information in an embedded browser by making a request to a URL and displaying the results. The data source, therefore, will need to:

    • Include a link to a web resource to be displayed in the widget.

    • Include it in the first row of the data set.

    Sample Data Source

    For this tutorial, you will use the "Image Chart" sheet in the Analytics Tutorials Spreadsheet.


    Excel files as local files are not supported in this release. In order to follow these tutorials, make sure you upload the file to one of the supported cloud services or add it as a Web Resource.

    Creating an Image Chart

    1. Create a Dashboard Tutorials-Create-New-Dashboard In the dashboard viewer, select the + button in the top right-hand corner of the "My Dashboards" screen. Then, select "Dashboard" from the dropdown.
    2. Configure your Data Source Tutorials-Select-Data-Source In the New Visualization window, select the + button in the bottom right corner and select your data source.
    3. Select the Tutorials Spreadsheet Tutorials-Select-Image-View-Spreadsheet Once the data source is configured, select the Analytics Tutorials Spreadsheet. Then, choose the "Image View" sheet.
    4. Open the Visualizations Menu Tutorials-Select-Change-Visualization Select the grid icon in the top bar of the Visualizations Editor.
    5. Select your Visualization Tutorial-Image-View-Select By default, the visualization type will be set to "Grid". Select the Image option.
    6. Organize your Data Tutorials-ImageView-Organizing-Data Drag any of the available fields into URL.