Creating a Text View

    In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a text view visualization using a sample spreadsheet.


    Access the links below for the Text view walkthroughs.

    Key Concepts

    Text views display information in a key-value pattern, but they only display the first row of data paired with a column's label. You can, however, add filters to make sure Analytics displays the row you need.

    Sample Data Source

    For this tutorial, you will use the "Simple Series Charts" sheet in the Analytics Tutorials Spreadsheet.


    Excel files as local files are not supported in this release. In order to follow these tutorials, make sure you upload the file to one of the supported cloud services or add it as a Web Resource.

    Creating a Text View

    1. Create a Dashboard Tutorials-Create-New-Dashboard In the dashboard viewer, select the + button in the top right-hand corner of the "My Dashboards" screen. Then, select "Dashboard" from the dropdown.
    2. Configure your Data Source Tutorials-Select-Data-Source In the New Visualization window, select the + button in the bottom right corner and select your data source.
    3. Select the Tutorials Spreadsheet Tutorials-Select-Simple-Series-Charts-Spreadshee Once the data source is configured, select the Analytics Tutorials Spreadsheet. Then, choose the "Simple Series Charts" sheet.
    4. Open the Visualizations Menu Tutorials-Select-Change-Visualization Select the grid icon in the top bar of the Visualizations Editor.
    5. Select your Visualization Tutorials-Charts-Select-Text-View By default, the visualization type will be set to "Grid". Select the Text View.
    6. Organize your Data Tutorials-TextView-Organizing-Data The above text view, for example, displays the population, life expectancy, and fertility rate for a specific country. Drag and drop "Country Name", "Population", "Life Expectancy" and "Fertility Rate" into Columns.

    Changing the Selected Row

    Text View display the first row of the sheet by default. You can add a filter to your data in order to change this. For example, let's make the text view display row 9 (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

    1. Add a Data Filter SelectFieldTextView\_All Drag and drop the "Country Name" field into Data Filters.
    2. Set your Filter SelectedValuesTextView\_All Select "Filter Type" to enable the dropdown menu, and then choose Select Values.
    3. Select your Value SelectValueTextView2\_All By default, all values will be selected. Uncheck the "All" box, and select only Bosnia and Herzegovina. Then, select Create Filter