Release Notes

    1.0.2892.0 (October - 2023)

    New Features

    • Ability to create custom Project and Workspace templates

    • Ability to review tasks in a Calendar view

    • Improved Onboarding experience

    • Redesigned Task Dialog

    1.0.2839 (July - 2023)

    New Features

    • Improved Task Filters

    • New icons for Data Sources

    • Out-of-the-box Templates for Workspaces, Projects and Dashboards

    • Task Templates: Users can now see all their templates under the All section in the Task Templates dialog and search for them by name.

    1.0.2793 (April - 2023)

    New Features

    • Adjusted size of various modals in order to take advantage of available space

    • Default Task Views: Owners of workspaces and projects can create a default view for tasks, based on View Type (List, Kanban, Timeline) and List Settings (Group By..., Fields, Sort By...).

    • Task Templates: Blocks of tasks that can be saved as templates for future re-use.

    1.0.2720 (Feb - 2023)

    New Features

    • Ability for contributors and viewers to mention a user or a group of people who don't have direct access to a discussion

    • Friendly dates for upcoming dates (Today, Tomorrow, Monday, Tuesday, etc.)

    • Improved Data Charts

    • New colored icons

    • Option to reply to a message in a chat

    • Pin any dashboard to your workspace/projects Dashboards Tab without having to move it there

    • Slingshot's API

    1.0.2555 (iOS and macOS) / 1.0.2556 (Android) / 1.0.2560 (Desktop and Web) (Aug - 2022)

    New Features

    • Ability to create lists and add inline images to task descriptions

    • Ability to mark a chat or discussion as unread

    • Multi-window support: An option to open an item in a new window

    1.0.2459 (June - 2022)

    New Features

    • Ability to duplicate tasks with sub-tasks

    • Ability to set the threshold used to display the "Others" slice for Pie and Doughnut visualizations

    • New onboarding experience

    • x64 version of Windows desktop version

    Bug Fixes and Improvements

    • [Bug Fix] A blur appeared on the text input when you tried sending a message.

    • [Bug Fix] A link to a message in a task activity opened a new task rather than scrolling to the open task.

    • [Bug Fix] Large images would lead to the desktop app to crash.

    • [Bug Fix] The desktop app crashed when you tried maximizing it on a large screen.

    • [Improvement] When you try uploading a file with invalid characters, a warning will show up.

    1.0.2360 (March - 2022)

    Slingshot Release

    • The first release of Slingshot is out!

    [!NOTE] To check your Slingshot version, select your profile in the top right corner of the screen and click/tap on the About icon.