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Taming the Chaos of Content

Slingshot is the only tool that enables teams to finally organize their files, documents and URLs instead of wasting hours hunting for what they need. Our powerful content management allows you to intuitively find and arrange key documents and resources, so they live in context on your teams and projects.

Slingshot featuring pinning and sharing content with your team

All-in-One vs. App Switching

Unleash the power of your team by going beyond a single-point solution. Stop wasting time constantly switching between all your business apps – Slingshot is the all-in-one digital workplace you need.

Slingshot featuring all in one with data, chat, and task management

Let Your Content Thrive

Slingshot seamlessly integrates content management with all the other tools you need to increase team productivity – project management, data analytics, and chat.

Take Control of Your Work

Keep all your tasks organized on your home page – save time hunting for information and never miss a deadline again! Bookmarks make it easy for you to access anything within the Slingshot application.

Slingshot featuring home page with organizing tasks

Go Beyond Project Management

Slingshot utilizes Table, Gantt and Kanban views, and shows Task dependencies across projects. See roadblocks at the overview level and know exactly what is causing delays. Turn every project into a success story – with project overview, tasks view and task dependencies, you can quickly identify blockers in your projects before they become a real problem.

Slingshot featuring project management with views and task dependencies

Get Inspired With Data

Slingshot’s data analytic functionality lets your teams create and share data visualizations and dashboards to drive common goals, make better decisions and achieve better results. Easily create and share data analytics from today’s most powerful data sources and go from insights to action in a matter of seconds.

Slingshot featuring dashboards and data visualizations to achieve goals

Collaboration Now in Context

Eliminate your team’s need to spread discussions across various chat apps and improve your organization internal communication. Real-time 1 on 1 and group chats, notifications and announcements. Chatting within the context of your team, project and even tasks level increases workflow management.

Slingshot featuring team collaboration to increase productivity

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

Slingshot helps us improve accountability on our team. It allows us to make clear agreements on what and when tasks need to get done. And I love how we can have chat within a task. Slingshot empowers my client teams and keeps us informed and focused.

John Gomez Sensato, Cyber Security Solutions

Using Slingshot on my phone gives me instant access to our sales metrics and allows me to use that data in chat with my team. There’s simply no better way to motivate your team than with good data.

Aaron Salko Stephen Gould

I really like how Slingshot works with Microsoft Office 365. I get the best of Microsoft and the easy-to-use data analytics, information management and team organization of Slingshot.

Peter Sacco PTS Data Center Solutions, Inc.

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