Time Series Charts

    A Time Series chart is used to display data points indexed in time order. It is commonly used to detect trends at a glance, allowing an easy observation of development over time.

    Time Series chart within Analytics

    Very similar to a conventional line chart, the Time Series chart always has a time-based horizontal axis (x-axis).

    Chart Trendlines

    Chart settings enable the display of trend lines, which are lines that are painted across a chart, based on an algorithm. Trendlines are a very simple, yet powerful tool to help you determine trends in datasets, and define thresholds for taking action. The supported algorithms are Linear Fit, Quadratic Fit, Cubic Fit, Quartic Fit, Logarithmic Fit, Exponential Fit, Power Law Fit, Simple Average, Exponential Average, Modified Average, Cumulative Average, Weighted Average.

    Chart trendline options in Analytics

    Settings for Time Series Charts

    In Settings you can:

    • Hide elements displayed by default. You can choose to hide the title, legend, and tooltip totals(only available when you have categories).

    • Display Trendlines. Chart settings enable you to display trendlines, choosing among different supported algorithms as described in the previous section.

    • Choose between Linear scale or Logarithmic. With Logarithmic, the scale for your values will be calculated with a non-linear scale which takes magnitude into account instead of the usual linear scale.

    • Setup the minimum and maximum values for your charts. Minimum is set to 0 by default and maximum is calculated automatically depending on your values.

    • Choose Compact Labels. With this setting you avoid redundant label information when you zoom your chart, as shown below.

    Compact Lables in Time Series within Analytics

    Zooming and Panning

    When the Time Series chart is maximized, you can zoom in and out. As shown in the image above, this allows you to focus on a specific time interval and is a clear scenario where using the Compact Labels setting makes sense.

    Statistical Functions Currently Not Supported

    Analytics provides you with three types of advanced predictive analysis. These are Time series forecast, Linear regression and Detect outliers. You can use them to make predictions, recognize and evaluate trends, or discover outliers in your data series.

    The newly released Time Series chart does not support statistical functions yet. This means you cannot use Time series forecast, Linear regression or Detect outliers for now. They will be supported in the future. Currently, you can use a Line chart to achieve a similar result, as shown here Time series forecast.