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Marketing Analytics Made Easy

Discover the untapped potential of your data and revolutionize your Marketing efforts. Seamlessly integrate your data sources into insightful dashboards, providing a comprehensive view of your entire customer journey and key performance metrics across your Marketing channels. Bring the power of insights into your conversations and decisions to create successful campaigns and assets.

Ready-to-Use Templates

You don’t have to be a data expert to create visually stunning, actionable dashboards. Slingshot has 30+ dashboard templates for data sources like GA4, Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, Salesforce, and more. Select your dashboard, connect your data, and unlock immediate value to your analytics in expertly crafted dashboards.

Slingshot Ready-to-Use Templates for Marketing Teams with Data Sources

Data Insights. Accessible for All.

Slingshot makes it easy for Marketing teams to find, use, share, and discuss insights. The Data Catalog puts your company’s data in one place, in business terms that everyone understands – making data more accessible than ever so you can spend more time making decisions and less time hunting for answers.

Slingshot Data Catalog with Website Traffic Dashboard, Annotations and Team Discussion

Drive Meaningful Conversations

Whether it’s analyzing the performance of your email campaigns, the impact of SEO efforts, or the metrics of your paid campaigns, you and your team need to collaborate around results. Create conversations right from your dashboards so you can engage in more informed discussions that result in smarter decisions and outcomes.

Slingshot gives you time back from data requests, data review, data rekeying and data analyzing

Actionable Insights

Seamlessly convert conversations and dashboard insights into actionable tasks to boost your marketing efforts. Promote a culture of data-driven action and accountability, ensuring valuable insights become impactful outcomes that fuel your Marketing success.

Slingshot Lets You Create Tasks off Conversations and Dashboards

All Your Marketing Insights in One App

Slingshot integrates with all your most popular marketing sources directly

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