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Social Media Campaign Analytics Made Easy

Measure what matters and reach new audiences with Slingshot. Seamlessly integrate your social media ads into a single hub for immediate insights into your performance. Elevate your social media campaign strategy with a comprehensive view across channels, enabling agile data-driven decisions for better results.

All Your Data in One Place

Stop hopping from one platform to the next to get your social media analytics. With Slingshot, every KPI and insight is effortlessly at your fingertips. No more switching tabs, searching spreadsheets—bring ad data from Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google Ads, and more together into customizable dashboards.

Slingshot social media

Ready-to-Use Templates

You don’t have to be a data expert to create visually stunning, actionable dashboards. Slingshot has 30+ dashboard templates to choose from. Select your dashboard, connect your data, and unlock power insights instantly.

Slingshot ppc marketing data analytics dashboard template

Drive Meaningful Conversations

Whether it’s analyzing the performance of your brand awareness ads on LinkedIn, your boosted post on Instagram, or multi-channel campaigns, collaboration is key. Kickstart discussions right from your social media dashboards for more informed conversations and drive better campaigns.

Slingshot gives you time back from data requests, data review, data rekeying and data analyzing

Turn KPI Insights into Action

Conversations spark action—now you can convert those conversations and dashboard insights into actionable tasks. Notice a trend in engagement or an increase in CPC? Create targeted tasks to address these so your social media campaigns stay agile and optimized.

Slingshot social media data analytics dashboard to task

Connect, Analyze, & Optimize

Slingshot integrates with all your most popular social media sources directly.

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Book a Free Dashboard Consultation

Want to learn how to build your first dashboard in 30 minutes or less? Book your free dashboard consultation and start your journey to better results and productivity with data.

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Ready to Transform Your Social Media Strategy?

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