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Data Informed

Congratulations! You’ve reached the intermediate level of handling data!

You’ve already recognized the value of data for your team and business. However, you may still require some guidance on simplifying its utilization, finding optimal collaboration methods, and making data-driven decisions effectively.

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Our Resource Suggestions Based on Your Results

Check out all the ways you can improve your understanding and use of data – we’ve selected the best resources for you below.

Data Catalog


It’s All About the Data Catalog

Unlike other BI tools, Slingshot’s Data Catalog is designed specifically for business users, making data a natural part of team collaboration. See how to build, access, and share dashboards easily.

Establishing a Data-Driven Culture: Where to Start


Establish a Data-Driven Culture

Want to understand data better and make it an integral part of your team’s workflow? Look at this step-by-step guide on how to increase data literacy and go from intermediate to advanced.

MLB Turns Data Insights into Action with Sales Pipeline Visualizations


They Did It – You Can Too

Nothing better than a real account of how data changes everything for the better. Check out our customer story by MLB Residential Landing on why data is necessary no matter the industry or size and why sometimes, your data usage needs fine-tuning to go from good to great.

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