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Data Newbie

You are a data beginner. Congrats on starting your journey to using and understanding data insights better – there are a lot of ways to achieve that and we are here to help.

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Want to find out the best and most accessible way to use data and incorporate it into your daily workflow? Check out the resources we’ve handpicked precisely for this purpose.

Data Catalog


All Insights are Now Accessible

No Ph.D. required. See why Slingshot’s data catalog is a breeze to set up with a user-friendly and intuitive interface perfect for any business team, regardless of prior technical experience.

Establishing a Data-Driven Culture: Where to Start


Establishing a Data-Driven Culture

Data should not be scary, even if you or your team are new. Find out how to establish a data-driven culture quickly and easily, allowing everyone to incorporate it into their workflow.

MLB Turns Data Insights into Action with Sales Pipeline Visualizations


An Inspiring Data Story

Find out how data can become the best thing that ever happens to a company with this inspiring account we’ve selected here.

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