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Client Services

Client Relationship Management for Every Type of Business

Bring all your client engagement, communication, data-driven insights and content into a single digital workplace. Eliminate the need to switch between multiple applications to find what you need and focus on driving lasting, valuable client relationships, achieving higher retention, and maximizing ROI.

Slingshot Solutions for Client Services

Key Slingshot features to help with Board of Directors

Faster Client Onboarding

Keep, manage and share all your client projects in one place, streamlining processes all from one app. Invite your client to a ready workspace, set up a clear timeline and displaying all projects, tasks, data dashboards, and files related to your client. Share with them everything relevant in an organized fashion and kick-off communication immediately in context. In Slingshot external collaborators have specific permissions to control who sees what, helping clients stay in tune with tasks, projects, or workspaces specific to them and limiting their access to irrelevant and/or sensitive data.

Quicker CLient Onboarding with Project and Task dashboards for trasnparency.

Manage All Campaigns in One Spot

Be intuitive and engaging in your client campaigns, making sure you deliver the best results with data analytics in dashboards, conversations in context, and tasks with clear ownership and due dates. Stay aligned with project briefs and key documents, all pinned or uploaded in the same place collaboration happens, so all the important client files and info stay accessible 24/7. Keep both your team and clients synchronized all the time and build trust with transparency and a clear record of all activities and details on your campaigns.

Slingshot BI Dashboards to help manager and monitor campaigns in one spot

Communicate In Context in One Place

Nothing falls through the cracks in your client management process in Slingshot. All conversations are in context, with an option to chat with everyone on your team or external collaborators at a task, project, or data dashboard level. Engage with your clients and keep everyone updated in real time, get feedback faster and create a truly immersive experience in your communication – you’ll never lose perspective in an all-in-one digital workplace.

Conversations in task view to help provide context for discussions.

All Your Client’s Data in One Place

Simplify decision-making and create a data-driven process in your client management with Slingshot’s data dashboards. Provide your clients with access to their campaign or project data with access from anywhere and on any device, always securely. Create custom dashboards to track progress and make decisions based on data insights like never before. Help your clients measure success and show them the progress of your collaborative work in one view, pulling data from multiple platforms to visualize in a dashboard, telling the full story. All your tasks, updates, projects, pipelines, and real-time insights are easy to access and analyze comfortably, in one glance.

Slingshot BI Dashboards to help manager and monitor campaigns in one spot

Frequently Asked Questions

Client management is the process of coordination and supervision of an organization’s interactions with current and potential clients. It nurtures the relationship between a company and its clients and provides an overview of results, helps with decision-making, and nurtures a company’s popularity in terms of products/services, long-term.

Client relationship management builds important relationships for any brand that wishes to expand and develop further its services or products, increasing its customer base and popularity. Good client relationships ultimately bring higher revenue, customer retention, and loyalty and help businesses achieve scalable growth.

It’s the process of building a long-term relationship with your clients during collaboration or a contract, working together on the same timeline and toward the same goal, and fulfilling their expectations. It includes useful communication, receiving feedback effectively, staying aligned on progress and data insights, and keeping them involved in the project and the timeline, as well as any potential issues, so nothing falls through the cracks. 

Client management software allows clients and companies to collaborate in one place, bringing together chat, project management, task tracking, file and document management, and data insights. Client management software apps are preferred to have strong data analytics features and keep everything in one place, so collaborators from both sides stay aligned in real time, with no need for email swapping and searching for info through different apps.

Client management software needs to bring all collaboration and client management together with features such as: chat, file management and document sharing from several cloud providers, project management with due takes, tasks with ownership and priority, division of the work in workspaces, and data analytics, to show the progress in dashboards pulling from different platforms.

Slingshot is the only digital workplace that brings together chat, task tracking, project management with clear ownership and transparency, organization of the work in Workspaces, and data analytics. It’s the most intuitive app that allows for flawless and quick client management from anywhere. In Slingshot, you can connect to data sources like Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Search Console, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Hubspot, and more – and build custom visualizations in seconds, to track campaigns and discuss important insights with your clients, for better response and results.

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