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HR – Organizational Management

Bring Your Entire Organizational Management Needs Into One Application With Slingshot

All the content your employees need in one tool. Collaboration company wide. Instill a data-driven culture throughout your organization.

Organizational management software – Slingshot app

Key Slingshot features to help with your Organizational Management

Easier Access

Create a central place of truth for all your employees. Slingshot organizes all your health benefit, payroll and company documents all into one place for employees to have easy access to.

Slingshot featuring an organization content board with pinned files

Drive Insight

With organizational level dashboards, you can instill a data-driven culture. Intuitively build beautiful dashboards to share with your organization for quick onboarding to insights and key metrics.

Slingshot showing OKR dashboards

Easy Access

You no longer need to worry about another step in the onboarding process of making sure each user has access to organizational content. As new employees log into Slingshot, they are automatically added to your organization!

Slingshot showing team members of an organization

More Collaboration

With the ability to have threaded discussions company-wide, you open the door for more effective collaboration both from the top down or the bottom up. Easily share company wins, celebrate success and provide updates to your organization.

Slingshot featuring threaded discussions within the organization

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