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Marketing – Design Management

One Stop Design Management Solution

Slingshot is the only tool you need to manage your entire design process from ideas to results. Seamlessly work with other teams, track projects progress, manage design requests and collect feedback on designs to make the best improvements.
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Slingshot Solutions for Marketing

Key Slingshot features to help with your Design Management

Centralize Design Assets

Forget about having to search through multiple storage providers and tools to find the design assets that you need. Slingshot keeps all of your past designs, creative assets, design libraries and more right at your fingertips!

Slingshot featuring the content section which contains all social media image assets

Streamline Your Approval Process

Slingshot makes it easier to collect feedback for your designs at a task level. Communicate further ideas and any updates needed directly into the task’s threaded discussion.

Slingshot featuring teams discussion within a task

Stay Aligned on Priorities

Sometimes the requests just keep coming in! Set clear priorities, deadlines and deliverables within your personal view and see how your design tasks stack up across your workspaces.

Slingshot featuring weekly priorities within your personal view

Data Drive Creativity

Connect directly to Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to bring all your marketing advertising metrics together and see how your creative assets are performing across all different platforms.

Slingshot featuring a dashboard of ad performance

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