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Product Development – Product Roadmap

Create and Maintain Agile Roadmaps

Plan, track and maintain all the assets of your product roadmap in one location that is easily shareable across different teams.
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Slingshot Solutions for product development

Key Slingshot features to help with your Product Roadmap

Flexible Organization

Organize your roadmap with flexibility that aligns with the way that your team works. Create tasks between workspaces, lists, and sections to have a clear understanding of where your roadmap stands.

Slingshot featuring task view for quarter milestones

One-Stop Shop

Maintain all the required documents, designs, user tests and conversations all in one application so you can have what you need when you need it.

Slingshot featuring the content area, which includes documents, links and saved conversations.

Sprints at All Levels

Workspaces allow you to break your teams up into the features they specialize in. Maintain a single location for your smaller dev teams to run their sprints as well as have an aggregated view of all workspace tasks.

Slingshot featuring tasks for this week's sprint

Build the Right Features

With a full business intelligence integration, you can connect to the data of your users. Understand the usage of features, drop-offs and what your users really need.

Slingshot featuring a Product Usage dashboard

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