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account based marketing template

What’s Included in the Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Template?

Slingshot’s Account-Based Marketing template fosters smooth and transparent coordination, enabling teams to map out the entire funnel, from awareness to pipeline development, ensuring no detail is overlooked. It provides all the necessary re-built elements for cross-departmental collaboration, data-driven strategy, and outline for every highly tailored marketing initiative addressing target accounts’ unique needs and pain points.

This template offers:


Our template facilitates seamless collaboration by streamlining the gathering of valuable account intelligence and ensuring efficient strategy execution. With complete visibility into cross-team efforts, your sales reps and marketing specialists can harmonize their actions to create a flawless workflow without obstacles. Our structured funnel guides you through each step, from awareness to ad placements, email outreach, and gradual account nurturing until they become a pipeline. Pre-populated tasks guarantee a successful campaign kickoff, including due dates, priority status, dependencies, assignees, and in-task chat. Organized into Campaigns, Preparation, and Account lists, our template simplifies process management and makes launching new campaigns a breeze.


Understanding which content and messages are most effective for specific accounts requires a lot of coordination, which is hard to do when teams don’t have an easy way to achieve transparency and collaboration. Besides tasks, this template offers constant communication in Discussions to follow up about how to proceed when an account behavior changes, so you can target the accounts showing high purchase intent, personalize your journey stages, and track your lifted account engagement.


Ensuring sales teams are equipped with the most updated content and insights to engage with specific target accounts is time-consuming. Keep all strategic information in the same place by helping your team focus on anything critical or noteworthy. Have all your ABM process documents and campaign assets in one place, along with helpful links. Have all contact information, account profiles, previous data insights, guidelines, competitive analysis, and buyer personas handy. This feature simplifies content distribution and ensures easy access to essential materials. Pin every document from your favorite cloud provider to quickly access the most critical information when needed.


Easily look at the data on how ad creatives are performing and which ads get clicked on the most, and view it by building a dashboard and connecting to your sources in a few clicks. This template comes with ready-to-use dashboard templates to provide a centralized view of key metrics and data related to target accounts, implementing data-driven decision-making for both teams. Create highly personalized marketing campaigns tailored to target accounts’ specific needs and pain points with the help of data. The dashboards in the template connect to your source in a few clicks and can be tailored to display the most relevant real-time data for specific accounts or campaigns, simplifying analysis.

Why Should You Use the Account-Based Marketing Template?

ABM involves prioritizing your marketing, sales, and customer success efforts toward engaging with accounts with the highest conversion likelihood. Consequently, using data-driven targeting and personalization is a big part of the success of your strategy.

With Slingshot’s Account-Based Marketing template, you get:

  • Structured Approach: This template helps sales and marketing teams collaborate seamlessly when targeting high-value accounts adjusting strategy on the go. Keep track of key actions required for each target account with tasks, ensuring that team members are assigned specific responsibilities and deadlines, reducing disorganization, and having transparency at every step.
  • Faster Planning: With the template, teams can monitor the progress of tasks related to account-based activities, enhancing efficiency and progressing faster with campaigns. Data and cross-collaboration help your team with account targeting, messaging, engagement tactics, and performance measurement.
  • Aligned Collaboration: Your cross-functional teams can collaborate with high visibility. Knowing which emails sales reps send helps marketing align with their ad copy, and the sales team can see the landing page copy before starting their email sequence, improving consistency and alignment.
  • Measurable Results: ABM utilizes data insights to identify potential buyers in the early stages of their search journey, even when their activity is subtle. Data can now be very quickly put at the center of your ABM campaign decisions – with intuitive, accessible, real-time dashboards that are easily shared with anyone on the team to discuss important changes in account engagement or email performance. Share, pin, export, or annotate your dashboard to create a data-driven discussion and track KPIs, attribution, and ROI.

Slingshot’s template provides a highly personalized and strategic approach to marketing and sales to help nurture and convert accounts into loyal customers.

Benefits of Using the Template

Slingshot’s ABM template can benefit various organizations and professionals looking to implement ABM strategies effectively. This is a must-have template for:

  • B2B marketing teams
  • Sales teams
  • Marketing managers
  • Digital marketers
  • Account executives
  • Startups
  • Customer success teams

This template provides numerous benefits to any of these roles and more, and here are some of them:

Sales and Marketing Alignment: Data-driven insights, tasks, discussions, and pins pull the cross-functional teams together in a structured framework, facilitating better alignment between marketing and sales teams. Discussions provide a platform for marketing and sales teams to share insights, strategies, and updates regarding target accounts for a much-needed alignment between the teams.

Time Efficiency: No more starting from scratch. You get pre-populated components for organizing your campaign from beginning to end, keeping an eye on progress, and focusing on expanding your ABM initiatives.

Data-Driven Decisions: Using dashboards showing the most important KPIs: growth rate, retention rate, engagement score, CAC, and CLV helps drive smart decisions. Insights enable precision targeting, personalization, ROI measurement, campaign optimization, efficient resource allocation, and improved alignment between marketing and sales. Data can also provide insights into how your ABM strategy and efforts compare to your competitors, helping you identify opportunities for improvement. Sales enablement is easily achieved – dashboards provide sales teams with a clear view of account interactions and engagement, facilitating more informed conversations with prospects.

Campaign Optimization: By continuously monitoring and analyzing data, you can identify which steps, channels, and messages are most effective with your target accounts to optimize your campaign strategy for better results.The team is able to see the most engaged accounts and the landing pages they are on and follow up by building awareness for other products/other landing pages of the brand with those accounts.

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Optimize your strategy and boost your ROI with data-driven decisions and transparent and fast cross-team collaboration.

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