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Google Ads Dashboard

What Is Included in This Google Ads Dashboard Template?

Slingshot’s Google Ads Dashboard Template provides a comprehensive overview of your campaign’s key metrics, giving you the insights, you need to make informed decisions to optimize your campaigns. With our dashboard template for Google Ads, you can effortlessly monitor:

Average CPC

Keep a vigilant eye on your Cost Per Click, maximizing every dollar in your budget.


Precision-tune your campaigns to guarantee every click leads to valuable conversions.


View your click data in real-time and identify strategies to improve the effectiveness of your ad placements.


Effortlessly monitor your campaign expenditures so you’re always on budget, driving ROI to the max.


Stay up to date by visualizing ad views.

CTR (Click-Through Rate)

Understand the effectiveness of your ad copy and creative to better optimize campaigns

Campaign Performance

Dive deep into your campaign’s performance with a comprehensive view.

Why Should You Use Slingshot’s Google Ads Dashboard Template?

Leverage the power of our user-friendly Google Ads dashboard to effortlessly track and analyze your campaign data, including conversions, impressions, clicks, and costs. You have complete freedom to customize your dashboard, add or modify KPIs, and even blend in data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Facebook, and more to create a comprehensive marketing metrics hub.

With Slingshot, seamlessly integrate all your Google Ads data where it matters most. We are a data-driven work management tool that seamlessly integrates data analytics, project management, and collaboration – all in one intuitive app. With just one click, you can create tasks based on your Google Ads insights or initiate strategic discussions. Your campaign management has never been this efficient and powerful.

What Are the Benefits of Using the Google Ads Dashboard Template by Slingshot?

Slingshot’s Google Ads Dashboard Template is more than just a feature; it stands as a pivotal force in revolutionizing your campaign management. By elevating ROI, simplifying reporting, enabling data-driven decision-making, and propelling you ahead of the competition, integrating Slingshot’s Google Ads Dashboard Template into your workflow becomes a game-changing advantage:

Save time to focus on growth: Slingshot automates collecting, organizing, and visualizing your campaign data so that you can spend your precious time on strategic planning and growth initiatives, not manual data entry and analysis.

Maximize ROI with data-driven insights: By analyzing key performance metrics, such as clicks and CTR, in real time, you can allocate your campaign budget more effectively and ensure that every dollar spent delivers a maximum return.

Streamline your Google Ads reporting needs: Transform your raw Google Ads data into clear, visual insights. Slingshot’s user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface helps you present your KPIs beautifully and intuitively, making data interpretation a breeze.

Base your strategies on hard facts: With Slingshot’s Google Ads Dashboard Template, you get a centralized hub where you can monitor all your crucial KPIs and ensure actionable insights back all your decisions, whether you’re adjusting bidding strategies, refining ad copy, or fine-tuning targeting.

Stay ahead of your competition: Our dashboard template for Google Ads equips you with the tools to monitor the performance of your campaigns over time, identify trends, and adapt your strategies to maintain a competitive advantage.

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