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Hi, we’re Slingshot.

Meet the all-in-one digital workplace that connects everyone you work with to everything they need to boost team results.

Building a Team Dream

Slingshot is backed by 30+ years of experience in software development with the mission to help businesses unleash the power of their team and create calm and efficiency while increasing productivity. Designed and developed by Infragistics, the all-in-one digital workplace connects your team to data insights, dashboards, chat and discussions, content, and project management – all in one. Creating an uninterrupted workflow for great teams and stopping app-switching to bring high performance was of utmost importance to us.

Slingshot with team members in the office coming together to celebrate

Focus on Performance

Making data-driven decisions eliminates risk and builds trust in strategy – and that’s what we wanted to provide teams worldwide. In Slingshot, data equips every decision and is no longer spread across multiple teams. We keep data insights in the same place where work and collaboration happens. With dashboards, sharing those insights with your team has never been easier. Aligning data with performance is at the core of Slingshot’s values.

Slingshot with Sales dashboard on a laptop and team members analyzing them

Unlock Greatness

Slingshot brings everyone and everything working together into one intuitive app. Our purpose is to help teams unlock greatness with integrated productivity flows and limitless collaboration across all departments. We go beyond just data analytics or project management — we create a common goal, priority, and purpose in everyday work. That way, every team using Slingshot is always aligned in a transparent work environment where everyone can track progress and stay updated.

Team members in a meeting with Slingshot tasks on screen

Тhe Slingshot Way

We follow a relentless commitment to beauty, efficiency, innovation, and team collaboration. Slingshot removes the scrambling to get visibility into your projects and provides transparency, by organizing your day-to-day activities in workspaces. Everything is linked together – tasks, content, discussions, data insights. That is how Slingshot came to be – created to assist organizations in solving the biggest hurdles any team can experience.

Slingshot featuring product and team core values

What Our People are Saying About Slingshot

Dean Guida Picture

“Over the past 30 years we’ve developed a unique workplace philosophy for building trust, maximizing team results and using data to iterate and make informed decisions. This philosophy is now the backbone of Slingshot.”

Dean Guida

Founder of Slingshot, CEO of Infragistics

Infragistics Logo
Casey McGuigan
“I love that we are giving everyone the ability to truly become data-driven. With Slingshot you never have to hear “I think” again in a meeting. The data, the answers, are all at your finger tips.”
Tobias Komischke
“We’re obsessed with learning from our customers. Their voice drives Slingshot!”
Ryan Zaharuk
“We got tired of constantly switching between apps to manage our work. There had to be a better way. After shopping around for a bit we realized not a single product would meet all of our needs, so we decided “Lets build it!”
Dean Guida
“We want to give our customers a simple and beautiful experience while helping to drive 10X results for their teams and company.”
Pam Brasil
“It is extremely rewarding to be working on a product that you know is helping teams to be more effective and also enabling teams to meet their goals and deadlines.”
Stephen Zaharuk
“The best thing about Slingshot is that it’ll never be done. We’re constantly learning and adapting to how people work to make them more productive.”
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