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Get Your Team in a Flow of Enhanced Productivity

Bring your work to greatness and focus with Slingshot’s productivity flow features. Allow your team to thrive in an all-in-one application with uninterrupted collaboration in any environment, with consistent tracking, context, data-driven features, and communication.

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Slingshot featuring productivity flows from chat to dashboard to task

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Be fast and efficient while managing multiple projects and eliminate multiple app switching and searching for files in several places.

From Tasks to Chat and Discussions

Chat functionality is built right into the task cards so that everyone can stay in the know and aligned on the work that needs to be done. Directly from a task card you can kick off workspace level discussions or chats with one or more individuals. Trackability and collaboration have never been faster and easier.

Slingshot featuring task to chat conversation.

From Content to Tasks, Discussions, and Dashboards

Go directly from a pinned file, URL or dashboard right into creating a task or starting a conversation. And yes, you can unlock your data’s full potential even faster by going right from any pinned Excel or Google Sheet directly into the dashboard creation process.

Slingshot featuring excel file to dashboard

From Dashboards to Chat, Discussions, and Tasks

Slingshot lets you create a chat with a team member, group of people or a workspace level discussion – all from insights in a dashboard. You can also create a task right from insights in a dashboard, with no time lost and great visibility, all in seconds and with no app switching.

Slingshot featuring dashboard to task creation

From Chat to Task Creation in Seconds

Slingshot allows you to always stay on top of any valuable insights and action items that might pop up in your daily conversations with the team. Within the chat functionality anywhere in Slingshot you can create a task with one click. That way, nothing ever gets lost, and everything is trackable.

Slingshot featuring chat conversation to task creation

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