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Workflow Management for High-Performing Teams

Bring your work into focus with Slingshot’s productivity workflow features. Allow your team to thrive in an all-in-one digital workplace with uninterrupted collaboration in any environment, efficiently improving your team’s workflow with project management, chat in context, data dashboards, and transparency with no app-switching.

Slingshot featuring productivity flows from chat to dashboard to task

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Be fast and efficient while managing multiple projects and eliminate multiple app switching and searching for files in several places.

Everything You Need in a Workflow Management Tool

With Slingshot, you have all your workflows built into a single platform and everything you need for amazing results is at the tips of your fingers, found in seconds. Your workflows are fully customizable and you can optimize your work – tasks, and projects campaigns – in one place. Stay aligned with your team while identifying your workflow’s start and end points and completing your objectives faster and better.

Slingshot featuring task to chat conversation.

Simplified Productivity Workflows

Now you have all productivity workflows you need to never lose visibility and limit your mistakes. Go from chat to task, conduct your conversations and team collaboration directly in tasks, and go from a dashboard with insights right into a task – all in one digital workplace. Unlock your team’s best results and identify new opportunities while keeping it all visible.

Slingshot featuring excel file to dashboard

Improve Workflow Efficiency

Maximize productivity and save time for important work while eliminating app-switching. Automate repetitive tasks, streamline the approval process, and always find the conversation or file you are searching for in the same place collaboration happens. Scale processes and bring your team to new productivity heights with a clear plan of action and processes guidance with clear ownership.

Slingshot featuring dashboard to task creation

Workflows Backed with Data 

Make data the heart of every project and trust your workflows to help you get there. Slingshot brings your data from multiple sources and platforms into beautiful dashboards with just a few clicks – and with the uninterrupted workflows, your team will have their data where they need it when they need it. Build your dashboards, visualize the story of your data and make data-driven decisions, all while you collaborate, chat and share with your team.

Slingshot featuring chat conversation to task creation

Frequently Asked Questions

Workflow management is the process of identifying, organizing, and coordinating tasks and projects, usually within a team or in an organization. The goal of workflow management is to optimize the steps from the initiation of a project to its completion, so the objectives are achieved successfully, with limited delays and errors, and with visibility.

When done right, workflow management provides uninterrupted productivity and collaboration for teams, as well as insights into what is occurring in business processes. Workflow management helps with better deadline management, saves time, creates visibility, minimizes micromanagement, improves delivery, and leads to high productivity.

A workflow management software is any app or platform that allows teams and managers to manage their projects efficiently with uninterrupted workflow. Such a platform usually has multiple all-in-one features, including chat, discussion, file and document management, data analytics features, and task tracking.

Workflow management software lets teams collaborate without interruptions, limiting errors and allowing for quick and efficient processes in every project. Businesses achieve their goals faster when relying on workflow management software that creates multiple options for teams to work and collaborate while never losing sight of company objectives, staying aligned and progressive.

A good workflow management software should be able to offer your team all-in-one features and provide them with a digital workplace to collaborate. Features you should look for in such a tool are: chat and discuss options in the context of tasks and projects, data analytics providing options for data visualizations with insights from multiple platforms, project and task tracking, and file management, with no app-switching.

Workflow efficiency is the achieved process of good performance of teams that have their work optimized and streamlined. Workflow efficiency brings better productivity, data-driven decisions, full visibility of the team’s activities, saved time, and lower operational costs.

Workflow efficiency is improved through organized and optimized processes and using productivity workflow software that helps teams stay always aligned and conduct their work with no interruptions. Workflow efficiency is hugely dependent on things like collaboration, communication, data insights, quick sharing of files, project tracking, and transparency in ownership.

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