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Slingshot FAQs

Slingshot was built with beauty and simplicity in mind making it easy for you to get up and running. Slingshot allows you to combine project management, data analytics, content & file management and chat all in one application. If you want to see how it works, you can get a product tour on this link.

The best way to use Slingshot is to use it along with your entire team. When everyone is on the same platform using all features that work seamlessly together, work productivity and effectiveness are guaranteed. Slingshot has some amazing productivity flows – check them out in this blog.

Yes – Slingshot is supported on all platforms, so you can empower your team to reach its full potential on any device, even on the go! You can download it from Mobile, Desktop or Web from here.

From the “My Overview” area of Slingshot – top of left navigation bar – you can create personal tasks, pin private content and create dashboards for yourself. You can use it to plan your next vacation, manage your own goals, work with outside organizations, and much more!

Yes! Slingshot’s free version is suitable for any individuals or small teams that are just starting out with an all-in-one platform to manage their work. You can find out more about our pricing and the different subscriptions available here.

You can absolutely do that! When in list view, you can drag a task under another, move the task slightly to the right and you will see the blue line indicator indent to create a subtask.

Slingshot allows you to have workspaces within workspaces so that you can have all the projects that relate to your team under one place with aggregation. Learn more about the Slingshot hierarchy here.

Sections allow you to group and organize tasks better. Moreover, they allow you to create custom swim lanes within your Kanban view. You can add a section from within any task list at the top right overflow menu. To learn how to use sections in Slingshot effectively, watch this guide.

Yes! Slingshot has a timeline, list and Kanban view that you can view your tasks in. You also have the option to group these views by things like assignee, section, priority, etc.

Creating a workspace in Slingshot can be done from bottom left navigation. To get more in-depth information and learn how to create a workspace in Slingshot, you can also watch our video on how to create a workspace here.

You can delete a workspace in Slingshot from the overflow menu on the workspace settings screen. Before you do that, make sure to transfer all your important content, documents and dashboards to another workspace as once you delete a workspace, everything in it will be deleted, too.

All workspaces within Slingshot are shareable! If you are using a workspace with sub-workspaces within it – you can share a single workspace with others, and they will get access only to that content in it. You can read on how Slingshot simplifies client collaboration in this article.

From the workspace settings on the manage members tab, as long as you have owner level permissions, you can click the drop down on someone’s role and then click remove.

Creating and sharing dashboards in Slingshot can be done in less time than it takes you to make your morning coffee. See for yourself in our guided video here.

Yes – you can connect directly to Salesforce objects and create dashboards right from within Slingshot.

Yes, you easily do that! You can even include to map the export to Excel visualizations. You can also export dashboard images, PowerPoint and PDF.

You can have team conversations with people from the same workspace from within Slingshot’s discussions tab. Anyone that’s part of that same workspace can access those discussions. To have a private or a group chat with teammates, use the chat icon in the top right corner of the application.

You have full control over the notifications that you get in Slingshot and where. You can even mute discussions and chats from the overflow menu if you no longer want notifications for individual chats.

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