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Defining your North Star Metric

Defining Your North Star Metric: A Highway to Growth

If you’re still wondering what drives business results forward like nothing else – it’s data. Businesses and teams have long ago learned the benefits of choosing insight, not impulse, to craft the way forward for growth hacking their product development, and retain customers long-term with a minimal budget. But in every such strategy, the North […]

growth hacking tools

Top 20 Growth Hacking Tools to Use in 2022

Growing a business and creating a marketing strategy that brings the results you aim for is what every startup dreams of. And striving to achieve it often includes a lot of different methods and approaches, until a business hits the “sweet spot” of competitive advantage. One approach that is turning out to be of great […]

what is predictive analytics definition and examples

What Is Predictive Analytics And Why It Matters?

In the business world, analytics help organizations optimize their internal and external processes, expand, and ultimately increase their profitability. Some types of data analytics focus on helping users understand what and why things have happened, while other types of data analytics focus on providing insights into what could happen in the future. This is the concept of predictive analytics, a data analytics tool […]

what is a data catalog and why its important

What Is a Data Catalog & Why Do You Need One?

With the advancements in the world of data, data catalogs are quickly becoming a core component of modern data management. Organizations that are already leveraging data catalogs see a significant change in the speed and quality of data access and data-driven decisions. Contrary, organizations without a data catalog who have heard of the wonders it […]

Collaborative Workspaces Online: How to Create and Use Them

Collaborative Workspaces Online: How to Create and Use Them

In your team’s digital workspace, you get everything you ever might need – close communication, brainstorming and ideas, actionable insights, task tracking, and collaboration. But how can you create collaborative workspaces online? It’s integral to the success of many businesses with hybrid, distributed or entirely remote teams to provide an ecosystem for their team to […]

the four main types of data analysis and what they do

Types of Data Analysis, Benefits & Examples

In today’s data-rich world, understanding how to analyze and extract the value of your business’s insights is one of the leading drivers of success.   A widely-quoted figure from a Forrester Research paper says that, on average, companies analyze only 12% of their available data. You guessed it, that means that the other 88% of their data goes to waste. Reasons for this […]

How to Align Sales and Marketing: A Guide to Smarketing

How to Align Sales and Marketing: A Guide to Smarketing

Historically speaking, the sales and marketing departments have always been two units within any company that need to work in the closest possible proximity. It’s like two separate machines that have shared gears – to perform to the best of their ability, they need to turn those gears synchronically and always stay aligned. Successful businesses […]