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7 Tips to Improve Productivity & Alignment In Remote Teams

7 Tips to Improve Productivity & Alignment In Remote Teams

Before the pandemic, people could still work from home - but only from time to time and usually after putting in a special request. Everybody did it, but we were careful not to do it too frequently. Businesses used to be uneasy about remote teams a lot because the general feeling was that people are not so productive at home and have more opportunities to slack off.

Slingshot illustration representing data driven roadmap

Data-Driven Decision Making: The Roadmap to Success

Are you still into the habit of basing a choice on a gut feeling alone? If yes, you are among those who rob their organizations from realizing their full potential. And you can trust me on this. Intuition, while often romanticized as a method for making "the right" decision simply cannot hold a candle to what data-driven insights can do.