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Tsvetomira Petrova

Published posts 45 Tsvetomira is a marketing copywriter with a passion for everything digital, advertising, and content marketing for a wide range of topics in the industry. As part of the Infragistics team, her primary focus is Slingshot, so safe to say you can expect her wordsmith skills put to use for any updates, hot scoops on the product and everything around it, and advice for users so they can best optimize their use cases. When she steps away from the keyboard, Tsvet can usually be found hiking, going to concerts, or spending some quality time with the nearest available dog.

Slingshot illustration representing data driven roadmap

Data-Driven Decision Making: The Roadmap to Success

Are you still into the habit of basing a choice on a gut feeling alone? If yes, you are among those who rob their organizations from realizing their full potential. And you can trust me on this. Intuition, while often romanticized as a method for making "the right" decision simply cannot hold a candle to what data-driven insights can do.