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Collaborative Workspaces Online: How to Create and Use Them

Collaborative Workspaces Online: How to Create and Use Them

In your team’s digital workspace, you get everything you ever might need – close communication, brainstorming and ideas, actionable insights, task tracking, and collaboration. But how can you create collaborative workspaces online? It’s integral to the success of many businesses with hybrid, distributed or entirely remote teams to provide an ecosystem for their team to […]

remote agile teams

5 Tips for How to Manage Your Tasks in Slingshot

As you might have realized – managing your day-to-day work is not easy. Scope creep is a real thing, everything feels like a priority and before you know it, the whole team is struggling to keep up. There are moments where it seems there simply aren’t enough hours in the day! As a result, deadlines are missed, things fall […]

Beginners guide to agile teams, what is it and how to create one

A Beginners Guide to Agile Teams

Members of the business sector often crave predictability, but that’s not possible.  Markets can be unpredictable, with unforeseen circumstances just around the corner. Organizational transparency is not a crystal ball, but it can provide a degree of insight into the trajectory a team is on.  By giving everyone instant access to the status of every project and every task, early warnings about projects […]